Raymond J Smith

Raymond Smith is a asset manager with extensive experience in the maintenance and facility industries. Beginning his career as a electrician in Vancouver Canada in 1984, he has worked in a variety of industries ranging from manufacturing, to high speed printing. Raymond currently resides in Australia and works as a Senior Electrical and Control Planner in the water and waste utility industry. Raymond's education in the maintenance field is extensive and includes a master degree in maintenance management, graduate diploma in maintenance management, thermal imaging accreditation level 1, oil analysis technician level 2, advanced diploma electronic engineering and electrical qualifications in both Canada and Australia (MMaintMgt, GradDip MaintMgt, AdvDip Eng).

Sep 222011

The acquisition of knowledge and skills gained through maintenance training certification is an essential ingredient to the success of maintenance management in modern manufacturing and processing industries. Without a doubt, well-trained staff contribute to a safe workplace, allow compliance with legislation and increase profits. The modes that training is delivered vary from in-house to external training and each form of training has its advantages and disadvantages. However, to truly reap the rewards of training, an understanding of the contributing factors that determine training quality is important prior to settling on a mode of delivery.

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Sep 192011

The success of maintenance is not achievable without the efficient transfer of information through writing maintenance procedures. Undoubtedly, maintenance procedures provide an effective way to train, inform and protect personnel. However, writing maintenance procedures can also become a liability if they are not fit for purpose.

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