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Free CMMS Software was once very unlikely since CMMS Systems of the past cost millions of dollars to develop, implement and own. However with the advent of cloud computing and improved software tools this reality has changed. All costs have been significantly reduced and great free CMMS programs are now available. Here we present a list of free computerized maintenance management systems.

Firstly we must consider what we are actually getting for free.

An Open Source CMMS will give us the maximum amount of freedom to do as we wish with the software and our data. Readily available import and export of our data will also give us some freedom to change vendors if required. Beware of vendor lock-in but also consider what support you may need as you implement your free preventative maintenance software.

Lastly is anything ever really free as in no cost? Perhaps the software is freely available but remember to consider the hardware and running costs. Running any CMMS Software will have costs associated with it. This is where Cloud CMMS Systems show real value as those costs are clear and well managed.

The intention of this article is to list available free CMMS Software leaving specific selection criteria to further articles.

Free Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Calem EAM
Enterprise Open Source with free community edition and enterprise support.

Since first writing CalemEAM appears to have gained strength and been rejuvenated, very nice to see.

GnuMims Open Source CMMS.
GnuMims is a powerful and easy to use Open Source CMMS.

This is a solid production ready, web based CMMS. New features are not actively being added but full source code is available in a common language (Grails and Groovy running on Java platform).

Fiix Cloud Maintenance Software
Fiix, previously Maintenance Assistant (MA). Is offering a free cloud service. That means getting started right away with no server setup required. The free offering is rather limited but easily upgradeable to the very reasonably priced plans.

comma CMMS
Free, advertising supported, cloud CMMS option available. Closed source.

Non-Free CMMS
The following are not recommended viewing but here for completeness.
They are either not free CMMS systems, no longer maintained or do not qualify as full CMMS software.

CMMS with reliability analysis. No free option could be found.

Free CMMS – Sourceforge is an example of free cmms software that you don’t want to use. I have had it running but there is very little functionality and many bugs. The author is also not contactable.

Their home page mentions a free option but as per the comments below, we couldn’t find a way to access it anymore.

NorfelloCMMS is not currently actively developed or maintained, as per the website. Which is a pity since I had hopes for this system. CMMS is a very minimal maintenance system.
Claims to be a free ASP CMMS but have yet to test it since the download fails and appears to either be a marketing scam or university project. If we are wrong about your project please correct us.
Appears to be by the same author as to divert more traffic to another website.

Did We Miss Any Free CMMS Systems?
Then please leave a comment below with details of any free CMMS that we may include it. No doubt the available systems will change over time.

Free CMMS Questions
Any questions about free CMMS Software can also be posted below. Feel free to ask anything related.

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Gavin Kromhout

Gavin Kromhout holds dual trade qualifications as an industrial electrician and instrumentation technician with 18 years of industrial maintenance experience. Across tyre manufacturing, pulp and paper, news print, water, sewerage, electronics and software development. He also covers the role of computerized maintenance management system and database administrator. Gavin is a preventative maintenance practitioner striving for continuous improvement and application of best practice in maintenance management.

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  1. Fiix is not a free CMMS?

  2. Calem EAM – is not free either?

    • Hi Peter, Calem Community Edition is available as an open source download for free still as far as I can see. Also the Enterprise Edition is mostly open source too.

  3. Hi Gavin. Actually in our factory We are using MAINTENWORKS. It is a Free and nice Windows based Cmms. I have downloaded it from

  4. SS-CMMS is very low cost, well maintained and all customer service requests are handled either same day or within 3 days at the most. They have a released version which has been fully tested available, as well as users can use a BETA version with latest upgrades and fixes which are not yet released. Full CMMS software for smaller businesses and workforces. They are now also SSL and Safe Harbor compliant for European and other overseas users.

  5. Here’s my input for yet another player on the free CMMS arena: comma CMMS includes a very usable free option. It has limitations compared to the full version but it will work with most single-site small to medium sized companies. Great user support forums too.

  6. Hello Gavin. We are developing a basic but easy absolutely FREE to use software. English translation will finish after this week (I hope). I invite all the visitors of your nice site to download it once the translation would be completed to give us their feedback.

    Please visit our site:


    • While not a cloud cmms system I allowed the comment because: hey it’s free.
      Please note this requires a local Windows installation, registration for activation code and advertising banners within the software I expect.

      • Yes Gavin. Local installation but no banners within the software. We need developers and contributors from all the world. Would you like to cooperate with us?

  7. Hi Roberto, thanks for clarifying the advertising and for the offer. I’m more focused on Cloud/Online myself and would extend the same offer in reverse see

  8. Hi Gavin,

    thanks for the helpful overview. I am trying to set up a CMMS software that can interact with a SCADA (monitoring) system as well as a sort of fleet management software.

    So in addition to a regular maintenance schedule for different assets, I would like to integrate an external periodic monitoring service that can raise a flag when something goes kaput. In addition, a fleet management system that can manage the different remote assets (maybe that is already included in the CMMS)

    Can you suggest a way out? Is one of these softwares you listed capable of doing this? Ideally something that links in with google services but if not, atleast a cheap cloud based system would be great.

    Thanks a lot for your help.


  9. MaintSmart ( is a limited trial, not freely available.

  10. we are looking for free web base maintenance management software / facility management software for 19+ users and two administrators. we need to daily and monthly reporting system and auto popup of ppm.

    Now we can not afford costly software, we are looking any company can give us donation or any free reliable software available in the market. you cn go through

    Need your positive response it will be a great help.

    Thanks & Regards,


  11. is main smart is a limited trial, or is it free???

  12. Hi there,

    I am in Pakistan and owner of software house, i am looking to get partnership with a software house who have very good CMMS software. We have lot of demand for engineering software, if you can recommend someone please let me know.



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