Aug 152011

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If you have experience in facilities management then we would all love to hear your story. If you are a maintenance management expert then you should definitely be published on If you have something to say about CMMS systems or the cloud and database administration as it pertains to computerized maintenance management software, that’s right we want to hear from you!

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Whether you want to share your online CMMS experiences or tell the world about your web based CMMS system. To bring your insight and get feedback on new ways of using CMMS software simply introduce yourself below.

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Gavin Kromhout

Gavin Kromhout holds dual trade qualifications as an industrial electrician and instrumentation technician with 18 years of industrial maintenance experience. Across tyre manufacturing, pulp and paper, news print, water, sewerage, electronics and software development. He also covers the role of computerized maintenance management system and database administrator. Gavin is a preventative maintenance practitioner striving for continuous improvement and application of best practice in maintenance management.

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