Jul 282011

The advantages of using a well implemented computerized maintenance management system are well known. But what are the benefits of a cloud, web based or online CMMS system? Why would I want to use Cloud Based CMMS Software over traditional CMMS Applications?

On top of the usual advantages of using a computerised maintenance system we believe that a Cloud CMMS system can give a few extra benefits to both the smaller and larger enterprise asset manager. Making the implementation of such systems even easier to justify.

According to a survey conducted by A.T. Kearney and Industry Week in the United States on 558 companies, properly implemented CMMS Software showed the average benefits bellow.

  • 28.3% increase in Maintenance productivity
  • 20.1% reduction in equipment downtime
  • 19.4% savings in lower material cost
  • 17.8% reduction in MRO (Maintenance, repairs, operational) inventory
  • 14.5 months average payback time of the CMMS they used

Nice CMMS benefits and cost reductions!

Now a Cloud CMMS can improve those CMMS advantages even further by reducing the average payback time to less than 3 months in most cases.

Why less than 3 months? After all the start-up time for a cloud application can be instant in some cases? Well that is simply how long it takes to get a well provisioned system fully operational, set up the asset tree, train the staff, enter the inventory and preventative maintenance templates. After this you will see Return On Investment (ROI) that far exceeds the cost of a Cloud CMMS system. Remember that unlike traditional CMMS applications the upfront costs are much lower, if not zero.

In many cases the use of a good maintenance consultant would be well advised to achieve smooth and effective integration. Don’t be tempted to skimp on this cost unless you really have the internal expertise since it can really allow the full CMMS benefits to be realized.

Further an online asset management system is available from many locations using existing infra-structure. No application installation at all, just use your web browser.

But wait there really is more, all the hardware and software updates are taken care of by your CMMS provider. As are the backups and security. Leaving all this to a professional team is almost always going to exceed internal arrangements with less headaches.

Is there zero risk? No, risk is relative and cannot be zero. However the relative risk is that a provider whose core business is that of CMMS provider will have a lower risk than that of an internal IT team that is trying to look after a hundred other things.

Keith Ramsey

Gavin Kromhout

Gavin Kromhout holds dual trade qualifications as an industrial electrician and instrumentation technician with 18 years of industrial maintenance experience. Across tyre manufacturing, pulp and paper, news print, water, sewerage, electronics and software development. He also covers the role of computerized maintenance management system and database administrator. Gavin is a preventative maintenance practitioner striving for continuous improvement and application of best practice in maintenance management.

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